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Fresh Out Of The Box – Sailing the West Coast of North America

A Shake-Down, Break-Down Cruise


I started this log as a way to record my thoughts and the events occurring during my participation in the voyage of Misty from Panama to Zihuatanejo in Mexico the winter of 2002 The format was simple with no attempt to pretty up the text or to provide explanation to casual readers of the notes.

However, as many friends and acquaintances became interested in the notes I have expanded them to include more explanation and more information about people and events. The idea is to make this log enjoyable and interesting to those who may not know me personally or who are not familiar with sailing or the geography of Misty’s travel.

The events are factual, however I’ve taken some liberties in the interest of “poetic license” and in the interest of humor. Some events have been carried to an “ad absurdum” length or in some cases to fantastical conclusions. Anyway, let’s see how it all comes out…

I’ve added a few comments after the fact with angle brackets <>

The log is broken up into pseudo ‘chapters’: (the chapters live on www.oldseals.com)

Forward-Sacramento to Panama Colon Yacht Club Balboa to Golfito Golfito to Costa Rica
Marina Flamenco Waiting for John On to El Salvador Las Barrillas El Salvador
On to Huatulco Check In Huatulco Drop Off John-Puerto Escondido Acapulco-Pick up Cindy
On to Zihuatanejo Afterword www.OldSeals.com Home Page